iMLS - Intelligent Micro Learning System

Dla osób indywidualnych

Personalizuj swoje szkolenia i testy

Firmy wydają znaczne kwoty na szkolenia pracowników w zakresie tematów, które są im już znane

For organisations

The MyDuoTraining LMS includes

 -   Setting up an unlimited number of training groups in the languages English, Czech, German, Spanish and Dutch
 -   Adding the users to the training groups
 -   Assigning the courses, tests, workshops and documents to the training groups
 -   Unlimited number of training groups
 -   Certification testing
 -   Reports
 -   Built-in email notification system
 -   Own company training certificates
 -   Create departments
 -   Department manager access
 -   Create classes
 -   Teacher access
 -   Technical support 14/5 - 8/2