iMLS - Intelligent Micro Learning System

Personalise your training and testing

Organisations spend considerable money on training co-workers on things they already know.

Start a personalised training flow to your co-workers, provide training when they need it, on the device of their choice.

Support their progress with different forms of testing, embedded in their personal routine. Interact with them and manage it all via an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Allow your co-workers to become more knowledgeable and more productive without being away from work.

For organisations

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The MyDuoTraining LMS includes

 -   Setting up an unlimited number of training groups in the languages English, Czech, German, Spanish and Dutch
 -   Adding the users to the training groups
 -   Assigning the courses, tests, workshops and documents to the training groups
 -   Unlimited number of training groups
 -   Certification testing
 -   Reports
 -   Built-in email notification system
 -   Own company training certificates
 -   Create departments
 -   Department manager access
 -   Create classes
 -   Teacher access
 -   Technical support 14/5 - 8/2