English Grammar

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Course Introduction

Learn the essential parts of English grammar, including sentence structure, vocabulary, tenses, conditionals, pronouns and many more. Work at your own pace while questions are generated according to your personal level using our unique AI technology. Our wide variety of topics covers all levels, from A1 to C2. Your learning process is enhanced through explanations and sound samples.

Course Content

1. 1st and 2nd conditionals
2. Adjectives and adverbs
3. Advanced vocabulary
4. Antonyms
5. Articles
6. Conjunctions and prepositions
7. Determiners
8. Future continuous
9. Future Perfect
10. Future perfect continuous
11. Idioms
12. ing and infinitive
13. Passives
14. Past continuous
15. Past perfect
16. Past perfect continuous
17. Phrasal verbs
18. Prepositions
19. Present continuous
20. Present perfect
21. Present perfect continuous
22. Pronouns and determiners
23. Questions and auxiliary verbs
24. Relative clauses
25. Reported speech
26. Simple future will
27. Simple Present
28. Wishes, zero, 3rd conditionals