Foundations of accounting

This course is for anyone who would like to have a basic knowledge of accounting that drives business decisions.

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Course Introduction

This Foundations of accounting course explains what accounting is and why it exists. It provides an overview of the basics of accounting and covers the core types of accounting: bookkeeping, financial accounting, managerial accounting and income taxes. 

The three primary financial statements, Balance Sheet - Income/Profit & Loss Statement - Cash-flow Statement, will be explored, as well as the costing of products, budgeting, performance evaluation and break-even analysis.

This course also serves as a reference guide. With this course you have everything you need to know and its practical application in the area of basic accounting always at hand, on your mobile phone.

Course Content

1. Accounting basics
What is accounting?
What is bookkeeping?
What is financial accounting?
What is managerial accounting?
2. Financial accounting
Financial accounting users
The balance sheet
Limitations of the balance sheet
Balance sheet vs income statement
The income statement
Cash flow statement
3. Income taxes
Income tax principles
Tax deductions and credits
Capital gains vs ordinary income
4. Managerial accounting
Managerial accounting applications
Product costing
Break-even analysis
Performance evaluation