German Grammar

Mit, nach, bei, seit... which case? Complete online course covering all levels thanks to DuoTrainin's unique adaptive learning concept.
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Course Introduction

Learn the essential parts of German grammar, covering all cases and tenses. Work at your own pace while questions are generated according to your personal level. Our wide variety of topics covers all levels, from A1 to C2. Your learning process is enhanced through explanations and sound samples.

Course Content

1. Adjektive: Akkusativ
2. Adjektive: Dativ
3. Adjektive: Genitiv
4. Adjektive: Nominativ
5. Akkusativ
6. Dativ
7. Demonstrativpronomen
8. Futur I
9. Futur II
10. Genitiv
11. Imperativ
12. Indirekte Rede
13. Konjunktiv I
14. Konjunktiv II
15. Nominativ
16. Passiv
17. Perfekt
18. Personalpronomen
19. Plusquamperfekt
20. Possessivpronomen
21. Präsens
22. Präteritum
23. Relativpronomen
24. Steigerungsformen