Strategic Agility

This course is for anyone who wants to make the strategy process more agile in an era of exponential change

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Course Introduction

Organisational leaders need agile strategies to keep up with the pace of change and ensure that they are focused on the right things. 

An agile strategy is a set of practices to infuse into the way you continually adapt to a rapidly changing world. It is about embracing change and driving change on a continual basis. It is about encouraging a culture of taking risks.

In this course you will learn what it means to become an adaptive organisation. This includes what the company values as important, and what behavior senior leaders need to model for the rest of the organisation. Decisions made about who to hire, how to align processes, and how to think about risk are also part of this course strategic agility.

Course Content

1. Becoming an adaptive organisation
The end of the perfect strategy
Understanding agility
Organisational culture
Rethink the organisation’s purpose
Align activities with strategic goals
How to embrace a culture of risk
Model adaptive behaviour
2. Disruption in the workplace
Strategy and the pace of change
How organisations are unbundling
How to manage change - forever
3. Maintaining an adaptive organisation
How to be a digital-first organisation
Streamline your processes and practices
Doing well and doing good
Are you achieving your strategic goals?
4. Remain agile
Become the organisation of the future
How to be agile over time