Transitioning from Manager to Leader

This course is for anyone who is ready to take on shift his/her mindset from manager to leader and take on bigger challenges

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Course Introduction

Leadership is a mindset. This course shares proven strategies to shift your mindset from manager to leader. Because it is not the same thing: different impact, different results.

In this course you will learn how to enhance your personal growth by practicing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, developing an executive presence, and becoming a thought leader.

You will learn how to expand your perspective from local to global, innovate by viewing challenges with a fresh lens, and improve your decision-making skills.
How to cultivate and nurture a stellar team: attract top talent, inspire your team with broad-based support, and explore tactics for creating rapport and building meaningful relationships are also included in this course.

Course Content

1. Commit to people and relationships
Unleash talent
Conditions for team success
Build meaningful connections
Your transition from manager to leader
2. Expand your perspective
Expand your strategic scope
Learn to innovate
Improve your decision making
3. Making the shift
The shift from manager to leader
4. Personal growth
Increase self-awareness
Practice emotional intelligence
Develop executive presence
Become a thought leader