Implementing design thinking

This course is for anyone who wants to apply design thinking in their own work.

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Course Introduction

If you are entirely new to Design thinking, we recommend to do our course ‘Design thinking’ first.

This course, Implementing design thinking, will teach you how to apply design thinking in your organisation. How to develop a good plan, how to form a good team and get team buy-in are all part of this course.

You will learn who should be involved, what activities you need to perform, and how to observe users, come up with great ideas, test solutions with prototypes, and plan development. Plus, discover how to avoid the common issues that can get in the way of a successful design thinking session, and the traps that people fall into when using the process for the first time.

Course Content

1. Development
2. Good ideas
3. Putting a team together
4. Testing ideas
5. Which problem to solve?