Personal effectiveness

This course is for everyone who wants to increase their personal effectiveness to have more impact at work and a better balance in their private lives.

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Course Introduction

Managing and developing yourself is a prerequisite for having more impact in your role or organisation. This training is based on best practices for personal effectiveness in the workplace, such as how to establish your credibility, set goals, stay organised and hold yourself accountable, strategic thinking, deal with change, asking for help but on the other hand, saying no.

You will be able to make small, thoughtful changes in how you work, so you maximise your time, energy and focus with more impact as a result.

This course also serves as a reference guide. With this course you have everything you need to know and its practical application in the area of personal effectiveness always at hand, on your mobile phone.

Course Content

1. Being yourself
What gets you noticed
2. Getting things done
Developing creative ideas
Scoring a meeting (with almost anyone)
Working on a cross-functional team
Asking for help
Say no
Reduce meeting time
3. Goals and results
Strategic thinking
Set and achieve better goals
Stay organised to meet your deadlines
Hold yourself accountable for results
4. How to
How to deal with change
How to avoid coming off as too passionate
How to positively respond to criticism