Persuading others

This course is for anyone who wants to make sure their ideas get a fair hearing on the base of credibility.
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Course Introduction

Today’s workplaces are less and less hierarchical and connecting with other people is key. In this changing environment, developing your persuasion skills is one of the most valuable investments you can make.  Persuasion is not about tricking anyone or being inauthentic. Persuasion is about making sure your best ideas get a fair hearing.

This course will help you cultivate your persuasion skills in order to establish credibility when meeting new people, make it easier for people who know you to say "yes," and communicate with authority.

Course Content

1. Communicating with authority
How speakers become influential
Borrow expertise
Overcoming negativity
2. Meeting someone new
How to get someone to like you (right away)?
Immediate credibility
Repairing a bad first impression
3. Persuading someone you know
Identify who
Facilitate a yes
Share your ideas