Sales foundations

This course is for anyone who wants to learn to become great at sales by helping others with solving their problems.

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Course Introduction

We are all salespeople. As soon as you start communicating, you are trying to influence others. And that is what salespeople do.

In this Sales foundations course, you will learn why and how the best salespeople see through the eyes of their customers. Being effective at sales stems from a genuine desire to help others solve problems.

Strategies to understand your customers' needs, position your product or service as the solution to their problem, how to create your own sales process or identify gaps in your existing one are all part of this course.

The best salespeople tend to do things in a very specific way that always starts with the fundamentals. This course will help you with having the right mindset to create this foundation.

Course Content

1. Customer first
Identifying potential customers
Understanding customer issues
Buying motivators
The change process
2. The power of solutions
The solution prevails
Understand your solution
Provide proof
The skill to implement
3. The power of the process
An effective sales process
An effective sales process’ elements
Developing your own sales process
4. What is sales
Understanding the buyer