Sales Process

This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of sales and create their own sales process.

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Course Introduction

All sales methodologies and theories are based around the same basic principles of planning, assessing need, and either presenting a product or offering a service (INP).

This course outlines these commonalities and distills them into four phases and 12 essential steps. You will learn about how to gather information to evaluate potential clients and how this can help you to determine how your products or services can solve their problem.
You will also discover how to present and sell your product, follow up with your customer, and continually improve your sales process.

Course Content

1. Continuous improvement
Improve your process
Learn from other sales processes
2. Delivery and follow-up
Deliver on your promise
Follow-up with your customer
Report back to your organisation
3. Preparation and prospecting
Plan, prepare and gather information
Assess the need and solution
Identify prospects
4. Solution provision
Product or service
Present and sell
Ask for the order