Sales Prospecting

This course is for everyone who wants to cultivate the right mindset for sales prospecting

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Course Introduction

Sales prospecting is mostly a mental game. Consistency is key to your success; your words should match your attitude and your prospecting process should be consistent.

This course Sales prospecting will teach you how to cultivate the right mindset for prospecting. It will show how to shut off distractions so you can focus on your prospects. Focus so you can learn their objectives and concerns and how your service or product can help them in a unique way. Setting up your schedule for success and rewarding yourself to stay motivated are also included in this course.

Course Content

1. Mindset
Attitude is key
Create focus
Set goals
2. Preparation
Who are your prospects?
What are their unique challenges?
Your unique solutions
3. Your process
Your schedule
Your cadence
Reward yourself